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Judy Hicks Realtor

10 Things you Can Do to Get Your Home Ready to Show in 15 Minutes or Less

Sometimes just the thought of preparing to show your home is overwhelming. Often we build it up in our minds and think it will take “forever” when it will actually only take a few minutes. These 10 things will be a fifteen minutes well spent because you want your home to show well.

Top 10

  1. Put the dishes in the dishwasher (or better yet quickly wash the dishes and put them away).
  2. Make the beds.
  3. Wipe down all counters.
  4. Empty all trash cans.
  5. Hide dirty clothes and toys (put a clean towel over the baskets to help eliminate odors).
  6. Make sure the front door and walk way are swept clean.
  7. Run a quick vacuum and sweep floors (if you have wood or tile floors-Swifter works very well).
  8. Turn on all lights, open the blinds and turn on calming music.
  9. Leave the house and take the pets with you.
  10. Smile…your home will be SOLD soon!

See, the last  two aren’t that difficult are they?   I’m often asked what is one the best things to do to make a home shine, I can tell you without hesitation clean windows inside and outside (Simple Green is excellent and almost always dries streak free) will be most helpful.

Happy home selling!