Reasons to Buy or Sell a Home During Winter

Why Buy A Sell a Home in the Winter

Why Buy A Sell a Home in the Winter





Are You Chasing the Market?

You’ve made the decision to sell your home and decided on your asking price. How do you know if it’s the “right” price? Every time you adjust the price of your home you chase the market because it means that your home was not priced correctly in the first place.

New Listing

New Listing

The most valuable marketing time that you have will be the first 30 days that your home is offered for sale.  There are buyers that are ready to purchase and are looking daily to see what new homes come on the market.  If your home is priced too high those buyer’s won’t see it.

Buyer’s search for a home in a “price range.”  Pricing your home above where the latest comparable homes in the area have sold means now your home is being compared to homes that are usually larger, newer, may have more amenities (like water view or a pool) and it is entirely possible that you help other homes sell because your home does not compare well to theirs. What’s the answer?

Amenities Such as a Pool

Amenities Such as a Pool

Hiring someone to market and sell your home is an important first step to correctly pricing your home.  For tips on pricing and marketing strategies visit

How to Know When it’s Time to Sell

There are some telltale signs that it might be time to sell your house:

  • Do you spend every waking moment watching HGTV but your space is wrong for all of those great ideas you want to try?
Too much HGTV and no room to do DIY projects.

Too much HGTV and no room to do DIY projects.

Does your space not work with your lifestyle?

Space not working anymore.

Space not working anymore.

  • Has your family grown? Are you without privacy? Are the children sharing bedrooms?   Do you need a guest room?
Family has grown.

Family has grown.

  • Do you have too much space and don’t know what to do with it?
  • Do you have a two-story home and you haven’t been upstairs in six months? Or when you have to go upstairs do you stand at the bottom and sigh in frustration? You could find yourself in my position saying, “Honey I will give you $100 to turn off my computer upstairs!”
  • Have all of your friends from your neighborhood moved and you miss them?
  • Does your current space just not work for you anymore?

    Space not working with your lifestyle anymore?

    Space not working with your lifestyle anymore?

It might be time to use your equity to get a new home that fits your current and future needs. A Realtor can help you figure out all the details. Call me today, I’m happy to provide you with all of the information you need to make a decision.

5 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Home to Sell

How you live in your home is, well, your decision. You can choose to live in it any way you wish; it’s your home. When you make the decision to sell your home, however, things change.

If you want to successfully sell your home, there are some things you need to do so potential buyers can see the best of your space and see themselves living there. It can be difficult to make changes yet they really are simple and will help you sell your home.


A clean home is vital to preparing your home to be shown when selling.

A clean home is vital to preparing your home to be shown when selling.

Your home needs to be clean inside and outside. If you can’t see it, ask a family member, friend or your Realtor to take a good look around and tell you what they see that needs to be cleaned. We get comfortable in our living space and sometimes don’t see those areas that need some cleaning. Clean the windows and blinds, clean the carpet and baseboards, and dust the fan blades on ceiling fans.

Cut shrubbery outside of your windows and around your home so it looks neat and tidy. Touch up paint inside and out where needed.

Make sure that every bathroom has soap and clean hand towels.

Consider placing a clean towel over your dirty laundry basket so potential buyers won’t see or smell your dirty clothes.


This is a tough one. Take an honest look around, take everything off your kitchen countertops and put them in cabinets. Yes, even the toaster if you can.

Beautiful spring flowers in a vase on home interior background.

Beautiful spring flowers in a vase on home interior background.

Remove everything on the refrigerator door, even your kids’ drawings. These are important to you but you are trying to sell your home so you need it to be clean and clutter free so potential buyers can see themselves living there.

Remove clutter from tables in the living room. Clean out your closets. Seeing an overstuffed closet will make potential buyers think the closet is “small” when really, it’s just full. Pack away seasonal clothing and make the closet clean and open.

Clean out your refrigerator and your pantry.

Have children? Where are their toys? Make sure the toys are picked up and put away in a toy box or storage.

Keep personal pictures to a minimum. We love to have our personal photos around but potential buyers might feel uncomfortable as if they are in your home (they are) however, you want them to see the space as potentially “their home.”

Brighten Up

Use blinds and drapes to let natural light in. If your drapery is older, needs cleaning or is heavy, consider removing them. You want as much natural light to shine in as possible.

Place flowers in a nice vase in the center of your dining room table. Don’t “set” the table, people will see it best if it’s not cluttered and the flowers will look and smell great.

Fresh flowers on the table  are a great way to brighten up the room.

Fresh flowers on the table are a great way to brighten up the room.

A nice scent, something like baked cookies can really be great just be careful and not have something too strong that might bother someone with allergies.

Consider providing bottled water & cookies for the potential homebuyers as they walk through.


If you have pets, make sure there are no pet odors and the pets are not in the house when it’s being shown.

Be sure to clean your pets bedding weekly while your house is on the market.

A nice, clean, red spotted empty pet bed with little Jack Russel puppy.

A nice, clean, red spotted empty pet bed with little Jack Russel puppy. Leave the puppy out when showing.

Professional Home Stager

Sometimes it’s difficult to look at our own home with an objective eye and it can be overwhelming. Ask you Realtor to recommend a professional home stager. This professional can consult with you on what to remove, where to place items or what to add to showcase the best aspects of your home. They can recommend paint, cleaning and de-cluttering that you might not see.

Judy Hicks Realtor

10 Things you Can Do to Get Your Home Ready to Show in 15 Minutes or Less

Sometimes just the thought of preparing to show your home is overwhelming. Often we build it up in our minds and think it will take “forever” when it will actually only take a few minutes. These 10 things will be a fifteen minutes well spent because you want your home to show well.

Top 10

  1. Put the dishes in the dishwasher (or better yet quickly wash the dishes and put them away).
  2. Make the beds.
  3. Wipe down all counters.
  4. Empty all trash cans.
  5. Hide dirty clothes and toys (put a clean towel over the baskets to help eliminate odors).
  6. Make sure the front door and walk way are swept clean.
  7. Run a quick vacuum and sweep floors (if you have wood or tile floors-Swifter works very well).
  8. Turn on all lights, open the blinds and turn on calming music.
  9. Leave the house and take the pets with you.
  10. Smile…your home will be SOLD soon!

See, the last  two aren’t that difficult are they?   I’m often asked what is one the best things to do to make a home shine, I can tell you without hesitation clean windows inside and outside (Simple Green is excellent and almost always dries streak free) will be most helpful.

Happy home selling!