So you find yourself in the market for a new home but you need to sell your current home first – how will that work?

If you have a home to sell before you can purchase your new home, here are the steps you’ll need to follow.

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First things first –

Meet With Your Realtor

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  • Contact your Realtor and request a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA). This will help you determine how much money you will have to pay for your existing mortgage (or mortgages) as well as your closing costs. This process determines your “net” proceeds from your sale.

Call your Mortgage Professional

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  • Contact your Loan Professional to be pre-qualified for your new mortgage. This process will determine the amount of money you will use from your “net” proceeds.
  • If you need to sell your current home to qualify for your next home – it’s time to call your Realtor and tell them to put that sign in your yard!


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  • Now is a good time to consider looking at homes that could meet your needs and price range once your home sells. A lot of people do not want to put their home on the market until they know there is somewhere for them to go.

Stage Your Current Home to Sell

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  • Don’t forget to heed the advice of your Realtor in regards to staging and presenting your home for sale.

Check out for more information on what to do to sell your home. Look for future blogpost on what to do when your home sells and you are ready to buy.



Life in St. Johns County

Bridge of Lions


When most people hear “St. Johns County” they think, St. Augustine and yes, St. Augustine is in St. Johns County. So are Ponte Vedra, Parts of Nocatee, Bartram and the exploding Northwest part of St. Johns County.

Bron and Nicole Butrimas-Buyers in St. Johns County

The other things in St. Johns County that home buyers consider? It is the top school district in the state and it has close-in, walkable communities with mixed-use developments such as Nocatee. Many find these communities very appealing and Nocatee is now among the most successful residential developments in the country. It has changed the look of the county, and it’s not anywhere close to completion. They are not close to completion with an approved final build out of 12,579 total homes. It’s in a perfect location to allow parents to send their children to the best schools in the state and commute to Jacksonville for work.

Connie and Bob Brown buyers in Del Webb Community in Ponte Vedra

Northwest St. Johns County is booming as well with master planned communities such as Shearwater that are opting to develop some of their community amenities earlier rather than later, so early buyers can experience the benefits of the community sooner.


St. Johns County has top-rated schools, low taxes, low crime rates and is a short commute to jobs and entertainment in Jacksonville and surrounding areas and this means developers are going to continue to invest in the area and buyers will find great homes and an attractive lifestyle there.


According to the St. Augustine Record the following is an overview of some of the development happening in the County:


Bannon Lakes — Approved for 849 single-family lots and 150 multi-family units in the World Golf Village area. Site construction recently commenced.

Bocage — Under staff review for up to 543 units in the northwest near the river.

Cordova Palms — Application calls for up to 750 housing units on 116 acres on U.S. 1 North. Approval still pending.

Creekside at Twin Creeks — There are 592 single-family lots currently under construction.

Crescent Key — U.S. 1 South development for 215 homes is now selling.

Deerfield Preserve — Platting for Phase 2 underway for 105 homes. Project is near another new development off S.R. 207, Ashby Landing South (128 single-family homes planned). Up to 281 total homes allowed for Deerfield.

King’s Grant — Development at S.R. 206 has been denied by County Commission, but owner is suing to gain approval to build 999 total housing units. Madeira — Site of former Ponce Resort approved for 749 homes, just asked for extension to complete build out. Fewer than 100 homes have been built so far.

Markland — Currently under construction for 345 single-family lots on 314 acres in the World Golf Village area.

Middlebourne — Proposed for 450 homes at the intersection of Longleaf Pine Parkway and Veterans Parkway. Still under staff review.

Nocatee — Premier master-planned community in the northeast has sold more than 4,200 homes. Approved for 12,579 residential units.

Palencia — This mature development is planned for 2,350 homes (including multi-family) with about 1,300 homes currently occupied. Lennar Homes bought more than 500 single-family lots two years ago and is selling now.

RiverTown — Large development of 4,057 acres in the northwest corner with 4,500 residential units approved.

Samara Lakes — A total of 872 entitled single-family lots around Pacetti Road.

San Salito — Near Heritage Park, this is a current project with 473 single-family homes approved.

Shearwater — Approved for 2,600 residential units — includes 670 single-family lots in Phase 1; six model homes built and amenities center under construction for the development near C.R. 210.

SilverLeaf — Planned for a total of 10,700 homes (including multi-family), project was approved in 2006 but still not built. Modifications were approved in 2015.

Steeplechase — Still in the application phase, there would be up to 965 homes on 836 acres near C.R. 208.

TrailMark — This 2,278-unit entitlement (up to 600 can be multi-family) in the northwest. Its first few houses just went up.

Treaty Oaks — Set for 434 homes off S.R. 207 near the I-95 interchange.

Twin Creeks — Home of future Crystal Lagoons project, this development near I-95 at C.R. 210 is expected to include 1,030 multi-family units and 1,250 single-family lots (2,280 total residential).

Windward Ranch — Up to 580 single-family lots available in this community off S.R. 16. 

Buying in St. Johns County makes sense for people who want the St. Augustine lifestyle, close-in, walkable and mixed-use communities as well as the top-rated school district in the state yet want to be close enough to Jacksonville for work and play.

Are You Chasing the Market?

You’ve made the decision to sell your home and decided on your asking price. How do you know if it’s the “right” price? Every time you adjust the price of your home you chase the market because it means that your home was not priced correctly in the first place.

New Listing

New Listing

The most valuable marketing time that you have will be the first 30 days that your home is offered for sale.  There are buyers that are ready to purchase and are looking daily to see what new homes come on the market.  If your home is priced too high those buyer’s won’t see it.

Buyer’s search for a home in a “price range.”  Pricing your home above where the latest comparable homes in the area have sold means now your home is being compared to homes that are usually larger, newer, may have more amenities (like water view or a pool) and it is entirely possible that you help other homes sell because your home does not compare well to theirs. What’s the answer?

Amenities Such as a Pool

Amenities Such as a Pool

Hiring someone to market and sell your home is an important first step to correctly pricing your home.  For tips on pricing and marketing strategies visit