When You Need an Expert


Seniors and Home Buying Judy Hicks

People often ask me what are all of these letters behind your name? The short answer is that they represent additional training and knowledge that I have sought out to better serve my clients. Becoming a real estate agent is not difficult but staying in the business is. The desire to help people is what drives me.

Each of the letters in a designation represents hours of classwork, additional homework, and testing. They also represent a network of other professionals outside of Jacksonville that become a part of my team. I am able to call on these agents when I have a client relocating out of Jacksonville. Most importantly, however, these designations allow me to better serve you and your specific needs.

I did not fully realize when I was earning the Seniors Real Estate Specialists (SRES) several years ago how much I would need the valuable insight when it came time to sell my Mother-In-Laws home this year!

My mother-in-law had lived in the same home in Jacksonville for over 60 years and though I have been in the home countless times I quickly realized that there were so many things I needed to help her with to transition into another home (ours) and so many things I needed know about her home to sell it.

There are over 77 Million 55+ buyers and sellers and they make up 25% of the population.

If you or a family member find themselves in a position of needing someone with the knowledge and experience of helping this incredible group of people – give me a call, I can help you!


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